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A 1 hour discovery route

The Mill's Road
Une Route De D Couverte Pendant 1h
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The Mill's Road
Une Route De D Couverte Pendant 1h
Une Route De D Couverte Pendant 1h

The teacher, coach , guide

Une Route De D Couverte Pendant 1h

W-can organizes electric scooter excursions. In partnership with Fan's Holding SRL under the label M.E.E you discover in a playful way the beautiful region
around Corbais in Walloon Brabant.

Your trip with family or friends

I am freeing myself

I electronize with my family, friends, and team while walking through the beautiful countryside in Corbais and surroundings ( Walloon Brabant)

Fun, explanations about the region -- during 1 hour

Please note: the minimum age is 16 years old.

Sometimes you will have to use your own force to climb the hill and the tests also require a lot of
good physical condition.

We provide a helmet and protections - we have everything in place for your safety and hygiene.

You are responsible for any damage to the equipment caused by negligence or improper use.

You are also responsible for damages to third parties. So make sure you have adequate insurance.

Welcome 10:30 - We start at 10:45 with the briefing - then we drive and finish at noon.


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Duration 1h30
The mill's road - min 3 persons max 10. according to availability
Price From: 37,19

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