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Your personal data is processed by W-Can.

Company data :

W-Can SComm, Grand Route 9, B-1435 Corbais

Do you have a question about your personal data at W-Can? Contact:


As an organization, we consider it extremely important to respect your privacy and to handle your personal data in a legally correct and secure manner.

Through this statement, we want to give you clear information about the personal data we may process (request, collection, storage, use, ?) and for what purposes we process them. We also inform you about how you can, if you wish, exercise your privacy rights.

When we refer to personal data in the following, we mean mainly identification and contact data such as your name, first name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, position in your organization, language regime, gender, ?


This privacy statement relates primarily to the processing of personal data of our current and former customers and their employees, persons who have expressed an interest in our services and persons with whom W-Can and its employees come into contact in the course of its duties and activities.


You visit our website

W-Can may store some data through cookies placed on your computer. A "cookie" is a small file that is sent by a web server and stored on your computer's hard drive. This small file contains information about your visit to a particular website.

The purpose of these cookies is to improve your surfing experience during your next visit to our website and to compile general statistics on the quality and use of the website. Cookies are not used for any commercial or direct marketing purposes.

If you wish, you can set your browser to reject cookies.

If you surf on W-Can Customer Centre, you are invited to register for security reasons and we may check your surfing behaviour on W-Can in order to provide you with personalised information. Based on your visits to the site, we may also compile statistics in order to improve W-Can's service delivery. In this context, we will try to limit the processing of personal data as much as possible.

You have subscribed to our newsletter

In this case, your personal data will be processed for the purpose of following up your subscription and sending you the newsletter. In exceptional cases, we may also use this data to send you other comparable information. You always have the possibility to unsubscribe.

You have indicated that you would like to be kept informed of our activities.

In this case, your personal data is processed in order to inform you about W-can activities and events organized by W-can or its partners.

You are participating in one of our events or you have ordered a product from W-can.

The data you send us when registering for the event is processed in order to follow up your registration (invitation, acknowledgement of receipt, additional information about the event, invoicing (if applicable), etc.). We may also store your feedback for the purpose of satisfaction surveys or possible complaints. In this context, we strive to keep the processing of personal data to a minimum.

For some events, participants receive a simplified list of participants with their first and last name, position and organization.

During some events, background images and photos of participants may be taken to illustrate and support W-Can's activities and mission.

You contact W-Can regarding a specific question

If you contact W-Can, for example with a request for information (such as about certified training courses), we will only use your data for the purpose of processing your request.

You are an employee of a company that provides services for W-Can

If you are an employee of an organization or company that has a contractual relationship with W-Can, your data will be processed:

  • for the follow-up of the service provision and your possible remarks or complaints in this context;
  • for the general management of customers and suppliers, including accounting, managing litigation and legal proceedings, collecting or assigning receivables and protecting our rights in general.

You are applying for a job at W-Can

If you apply for an open position or send an unsolicited application, we will process the personal data you provide as part of the follow-up of your application.

You are visiting W-Can

If you visit W-Can, we will process your personal data for the purpose of physical security of the building (e.g. registration of visitors, camera surveillance).


W-Can will never share your personal data with or sell it to third parties who process it for their own commercial purposes.

However, W-Can may use external contractors (e.g. ICT, logistics) to process your personal data. These are companies that process your data within a specific framework and in accordance with a task defined by W-Can.

These companies are located in Belgium or in the European Union.

In exceptional cases, W-Can may also be legally obliged to disclose your personal data to competent authorities or to bodies specified by law.

W-can has a collaboration with Fan's Holding SRL and W-partner SRL and within this framework the data may be shared for the specific purpose of this collaboration.


W-Can does not retain your personal data for the purposes of the processing for longer than necessary.


Access to your data

If you want to have a right of access to the personal data we process about you, you can let us know. If you exercise this right of access, W-Can will send you an overview of the data we hold and process.

Adaptation of your data

If you find that the data we have received from you is no longer correct, you can let us know. We will proceed as soon as possible to the necessary adjustments in order to complete them.

Deleting your data

If you no longer want W-Can to process your data, you can always contact us and request that it be deleted.

Transfer of your data

You have the right to request that W-Can transfer the personal data you have provided to W-Can directly to yourself or to a third party.


If you wish to exercise any of the above rights or make a complaint about the way W-Can processes your data, you can contact W-Can by

  • email :
  • letter : W-Can SComm, Grand Route 9, B-1435 Corbais

Always be as specific as possible if you wish to exercise your rights. This will allow W-Can to process your request in a concrete and correct manner. W-Can will verify your identity in order to prevent any third party from exercising your rights in your place.

If you want more information or do not agree with W-Can's position, you can go to the website of the Data Protection Authority where you can, if you wish, file a complaint.


As mentioned above, here is an overview of your privacy rights

  • Right to receive information (who is the processorr, what data is kept, for what purpose etc.)
  • Right for rectification
  • Right of objection
  • Right to access your data
  • Right to limit the use of your data
  • Right to the portability of your data
  • Right to be forgotten

Submit a complaint to the supervisory authority

Any person who considers that the processing of his or her data constitutes a violation of his or her rights may lodge a complaint with the Data Protection Authority, rue de la Presse 35, 1000 Brussels