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Introduction to the Harada method

Coaching en Belgique
Initiation La M Thode Harada
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Formation Harada
Coaching en Belgique
Initiation La M Thode Harada
Initiation La M Thode Harada
Formation Harada

The teacher, coach , guide

Training Overview

Do you recognize that you lack harmony when you are trying with all your might to do everything right?
Do you find it difficult to focus on what is important to you or do you recognize that you have habits that prevent you from achieving your goals?

Revamp your future with the Harada Method! You are the leader of your life. You reach your goal through your motivation and perseverance. The Harada Method provides you with the tools, the best ingredients come from deep within yourself. The implementation is orchestrated by yourself, using your values, your heart, your skills and your past successes. Your mentor will help you to use your full potential on your way to the essential goal.

You will live in harmony with yourself and those around you because you will have chosen a goal that will lead you to happiness in your personal and professional life.

A method developed by Takashi Harada in Japan, which can be used in any environment, both in professional and personal life. A method that guides you to a perfectly successful life.

Summary of the training

  • 599? EXCL. VAT 725 INCL. VAT
  • Lunch is included in the price.
  • This training requires a minimum of 3 participants, a maximum of 10 participants.


The course starts at 9:00 am and ends at 5:00 pm - the pre-course webinar will be held one week in advance in the evening
Webinar in advance
0H30 Activity
During 1 hour we will explain the purpose of the course and you will have a little preparation work to do in order to optimize the course.
0H30 Activity
We welcome you with a good coffee and a small croissant!

We look at the agenda.

Program Part 1
3H00 Practice
  • The source of the Harada method
  • The book "The Harada Method
  • What is success?
  • Define your goal
  • Harada forms

During lunch we discuss how we can put our goal into practice.
Program Part 2
1H00 Practice
  • Harada in practice
  • How to make sure you stay on course towards your goal?

0H30 End of course
What are your take-aways?

The rest of your journey.


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Duration 6 hours
Niveau Beginner
Location Corbais
Availability 10
Price 599,00




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