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Harada Method Training

Formation M Thode Harada
Coaching en Belgique
Formation Harada
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Formation M Thode Harada
Coaching en Belgique
Formation Harada
Formation M Thode Harada

The teacher, coach , guide

Training Overview

Do you recognize that you lack harmony when you are trying with all your might to do everything right? Do you find it difficult to focus on what is important to you or do you recognize that you have habits that prevent you from achieving your goals?

Revamp your future with the Harada Method! You are the leader of your life. You reach your goal through your motivation and perseverance. The Harada Method provides you with the tools, the best ingredients come from deep within yourself. The implementation is orchestrated by yourself, using your values, your heart, your skills and your past successes. Your mentor will help you to use your full potential on your way to the essential goal.

Summary of the training

  • You will live in harmony with yourself and those around you because you will have chosen a goal that will lead you to happiness in your personal and professional life.
  • A method developed by Takashi Harada in Japan, which can be used in any environment, both in professional and personal life. A method that guides you to a perfectly successful life.


Preparation of the training organized about 3 days before the training itself. This preparation will be done via Zoom with an invitation from the trainer.
Day 1: Presentation of the method and your experiences.
Home + Expectations
0H20 Activity
Welcome at 8:45 am with coffee and croissants

What are your expectations?

An overview of the structure
The developers of the method
A method that is different from others
33 questions
0H45 Exercise
Answers to your questions - what does it mean?
Jim Lippens - Master trainer Harada Benelux
The discovery of one's potential
Introspection - the basis for moving forward
1H00 Free
Lunch and relaxation
What does happiness mean
We eliminate superfluous things and keep the essential
Defining success for everyone
Your goal
Who can help you achieve the goal
What does it really take to reach your goal?
How does the Harada method come into play here?
Examples + the "long term objective" form
Role of the coach
0H15 Lecture
The role of a coach
Do you have goals for your business? What is your role?
Does it work?
0H10 Lecture
Why is the method reliable?
Day 2: Tips for success
Home + agenda 8:45
0H20 Activity
Welcome with coffee and croissants 8:45 am

Agenda of the day

The 36 or 64 card document is explained
You fill in the document yourself in sync with your objective
The law of attraction.

Turn every situation in a positive direction to achieve your goals.

How can we change our routines? The importance of our environment.
Daily agenda
0H10 Lecture
A daily reflection is the basis to stay on its way.
Set milestones - so you can measure your success.
Harada in practice.
Know the basic emotions and recognize your emotions.
What result do you want to achieve?
There are easy ways to stay on track.
The Harada method is universal.
Without the help of someone you trust, the path may be difficult.
The synthesis
An example or several....
Just get started.


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Duration 2D + 2 hour webinar
Niveau Beginner
Location Corbais
Availability 10
Price 1.199,00




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