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Risk & Race Board Game Training

Formation investissement Jeu de plateau Risk & Race
Formation investissement Jeu de plateau Risk & Race

The teacher, coach , guide

Training Overview

Formation Risk & Race – Est-ce que vous voulez savoir plus sur l?économie circulaire et apprendre pourquoi un investissement basé sur les services plutôt que sur les produits peut s?avérer plus intéressant. Avec le jeu de plateau Risk & Race vous apprenez la différence ? une approche ludique, suivi par une discussion en groupe qui vous permettra de réfléchir comment vous pouvez agir différemment.

Would you like to make your products sustainable? Discover with us why it's interesting!

Risk & Race is best played with 6 or 8 people per board game ? The game master introduces you to the circular economy and encourages you to think about your best investment. The debriefing and group discussion can help you to lay the foundations for your way to a different production approach.

Summary of the training

  • The game requires a minimum of 3 participants, a maximum of 9 participants per game.


From 1:30 pm to 6:15 pm
0H30 Activity
We welcome you with a good coffee

We explain the purpose of the training and the agenda + the rules of the game

Risk & Race Game
3H00 Practice
The game in steps - you work either alone or form a team with another participant. The goal is to make wise choices to create your sustainable business.
In the feedback session we discuss how the game went, your strategy and why your options were good or not so good.
A word about the circular economy and how you can make your business more sustainable. What products are right for you and what future for you in a changing world.
0H10 End of course
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Duration 4 H 45
Niveau Beginner
Location Corbais
Availability 9
Price 120,00




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